We’re a grassroots video production company based out of Brooklyn, New York.

We know that storytelling is a timeless tradition. Since antiquity, people have been using stories to communicate. While techniques have evolved, at the core and root of every film is a story, leading the viewer through a journey.

At Storyhood, we fuse modern technology with the ancient art to emphasis the most essential, relatable element: the human perspective. Our credo of balance lends itself to every project we do: non-profits, advertising commercials, documentaries, music videos, and, well, you name it.

Although Yisroel was raised without a Television, grew up in an atmosphere that was filled with a rich culture of story. Hearing tales of Jewish history, his mind would go wild with imagination. But he had yet to find an outlet of expression. At age fourteen, he got his hands on a borrowed mini-DV camera and began writing and shooting his own visual interpretation of biblical tales for school projects. His family computer (think: Windows 95) couldn't handle the computing bandwidth to edit his footage, but Yisroel had to manage with what he had available.

A few years later, at the dawn of the DSLR video revolution, Yisroel bought his first camera with money saved from summer jobs. He began volunteering his talent to local organizations. It wasn't long 'til they started paying him. After creating documentaries, promos and music sessions for nonprofits for several years, he started Storyhood in 2015.

Yisroel enjoys a good cup of coffee and poetry, nature and the music of Leonard Cohen, but more than all that, he appreciates people. He enjoys hearing their stories and understanding their perspective. His greatest joy is to tell their stories through his own lens.