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Storytelling is a timeless human experience, and we have always harnessed its power to pass on traditions, to educate, and to inspire. At Storyhood, we fuse film, today’s dominant medium, with this ancient art to tell your stories.

Our work is defined by careful balance, by professionalism and creativity. But the goal always remains the same: Keeping the human perspective front and center. Your story deserves nothing less.



Yisroel is very professional and easy-to-get-along. He was patient and creative with the video he produced for our school. He was on top of everything, and filmed all the key parts, and even more creative shots that I would never have even thought of.
— Lauren Heger Leibowitz, Senior Director of Donor Relations, Yeshiva University
When Yisroel is filming, I have such confidence knowing that it will come out on the highest level. I can rest assured that if anything is not 100% whether it’s sound, lighting, or the position of my hat, he will notice and fix it. His patience is legendary and his quality is the best! Working with him is nothing less than a presidential treatment.
— Shimmy Weinbaum, Jewish Children's Museum
Yisroel has the gift of being able to capture excellent video while making himself invisible and being unobtrusive. He was very thoughtful in the planning process and a pleasure to work with.
— Sara Diament, Director of School Services, Hidden Sparks
Yisroel is gifted with a unique eye for creativity, innovation, and perfection. His work was carefully executed in a timely fashion and with cutting edge production. His professionalism was matched by his pleasantness and superb work ethic.
— Rabbi Efraim Mintz, Executive Director, Rohr Jewish Learning Institute
Yisroel was a pleasure to work with, ever sensitive to my needs and preferences during the shoot. Some cameramen can impose their vision - not Yisroel. He makes sure his vision and considerable talents are part of the team, there to strengthen and realize the greater project.
— Bentzi Avtzon, Yuvla Media
Yisroel has worked with us on numerous projects and his work speaks for itself, whether its on green screen or for a music video, Yisroel goes the extra mile to get the right shot and is always a pleasure to work with.
— Chaim Hershkowitz, Eight19 Production